Bistrot Pierre Verandah Going UP!

Local councillors in Southport are welcoming the final phase of Bistrot Pierre's take-over of the former Russell & Bromley site on Lord Street's main Nevill Street corner.


The Restaurant which opened in November is presently erecting a framework for a replacement verandah.  Southport verandahs have been significantly enhanced this year due to Sefton Planning Department's Conservation Officer methodically contacting premises owners and encouraging them in their duties within the Lord Street Conservation Area.

Councillor Jo Barton said:

 “I have watched this issue very closely and have contacted the planning department regarding the missing canopy a number of times, therefore I am very pleased indeed to see the restored canopy being returned to its rightful place.

The confidence that Bistrot Pierre has shown in the visitor economy of Southport has led them to make a massive investment in this prime site. Completing the verandahs demonstrates that they are also respecting Southport's unique heritage."

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