Councillor Sue McGuire asks “Is it time for a return to the old fashioned convalescent hospital?

Leader of the Liberal Democrats in Sefton, Southport Councillor Sue McGuire has proposed a possible solution to the current crisis situation in the NHS by investing in the old style convalescent hospitals.

Councillor Sue McGuire explained “I‘m suggesting the Council, working with NHS partners and possibly the private sector investigate the feasibility of opening a convalescent hospital in Southport.

Councillor McGuire added “This would be a place that patients could go to when they no longer need full nursing care but are not in a state to return home with little or no social service care. In addition this would be somewhere for patients to go whilst the correct care package is set up – something which can delay hospital discharge.”

“Currently many care homes are doing a good job providing this convalescent support however they have limited beds available with no opportunity to increase capacity.

I realise there would be a cost to this and it would involve making an investment at a time of cut backs however its definitely more cost effective to provide support outside of an acute hospital setting.”

Southport has a history of providing convalescent support at a number of sites including the Promenade Hospital. Built in 1852-53, it was originally called the Southport Convalescent Hospital and Sea Bathing Infirmary.  The hospital was funded by the Southport Stranger’s Charity for the treatment of poor convalescents.

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