It Makes Sense - MP Welcomes Boundary Review

John Pugh MP has welcomed the proposals of the Boundary Review stating that they  "recognise and reassert" Southport's historic links with Lancashire and reflect the unique geography of the area.


The new title for the constituency 'Southport County' emphasises our pivotal position as a bridge between the Mersey and Ribble area which cannot be overlooked. Too often we are seen by some as just an appendage of Merseyside

John added, “Personally I would be very pleased to see the changes go through as I think it ensures that this part of Lancashire can unite, fight its corner and flourish. I argued for similar proposals in the last review and against the silly splitting and tacking on of Formby. I am confident that by rekindling the roots of liberalism in Banks, Hesketh Bank and Tarleton the Liberal Democrats can hold this seat in 2020. It makes sense to me as there are so many common issues binding us together and I hope it will sense to all communities in the area.” 

The Boundary Commission's report can be viewed here.

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