Keeping the Lights On


One of the most regular queries received by local councillors and campaigners is about broken or faulty street lights.

Campaigner Mike Sammon recently worked with local councillor, Leo Evans, to report 27 damaged street lights across Cambridge Ward which will now be repaired by Sefton Council.
Were any of the reported lights near you?  This is where Mike found them and it's not trivial matter. Poor street-lighting has contributed to serious accidents in many parts of the borough- particularly as winter sets in.

  • Albany Road 
  • 2 on Fairway
  • 3 on Marine Drive
  • Brocklebank Road
  • Emmanuel Road
  • Bakers Lane
  • Radnor Drive
  • Marshside Road
  • Lytham Road
  •  St. Anne’s Road
  • 4 on Fleetwood Road
  •  3 on Rawlinson Road
  •  Albert Road
  •  Park Crescent
  •  Churchill Avenue
  •  Knob Hall Lane
  • Granby Close
  • Coudray Road

Leo and Mike also recently welcomed a scheme by Sefton Council to upgrade all street lighting in the Borough to environmentally friendly LED lights. The new scheme started in Marshside last year and will roll out across Sefton in the next couple of years

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