North West Needs to Unite Across Party Lines

We cannot have our voice drowned out by the sound of bagpipes...

With the probability of a substantially increased Scottish Nationalist representation in parliament, John Pugh is urging all those who may be elected on May 7th to downplay party differences and be ready to make sure the North West is not overlooked.

“There is no doubt that the SNP will endeavour to exert greater leverage whoever is in overall power. However, already £1000 more per head per year of taxpayer funds is spent on people in Scotland than in the North West.
(£2000 more per head is spent in Scotland than in England as a whole.)

With 2 million more people in the North West than in Scotland we have to punch our weight and party politics isn’t necessarily going to help that. We have as much if not more deprivation than Scotland and as good a case for thinking Westminster overlooks us.

If I return to Westminster, a major priority will be to get cross party unity pushing for the North West. We’re not going to have our voice in the North West drowned out by the sound of bagpipes.”

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