Pugh Warns Tory Regional Pay Plot Will Hit North West Teachers and Nurses

John Pugh, the Liberal Democrat candidate for Southport, warns teachers and nurses in the North West will be paid nearly £1,200-a-year less under Conservatives plans to introduce local public sector pay rates if governing alone.

John Pugh led the Lib Dems in blocking Conservative attempts to smash uniform national pay rates for state workers – and would do it again.
Dozens of Conservative MPs and candidates want salaries of public sectors workers in the North West cut in a bid to make them fall in line with local private sector pay.
Pugh, who is defending the seat of Southport, strongly believes that there is no way teachers in the North West are worth less than teachers in other areas of the country. Public sector workers deliver top class services in the North West and do not deserve to be paid less just because they live here.
Pugh stood up to George Osborne when he tried to push through 'regional pay' and he will do all he can to block it again. Dozens of Conservative MPs want it back on the table, so the only way to guarantee 'regional pay' will not be introduced in Southport is to vote for John Pugh.
The way to build a stronger economy and fairer society, where everyone has opportunity to get on in life, is not to punish public sector workers outside of London.

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