The new Labour recruits are so hostile to Free Trade that surley they should join the antis in the referendum

From Birkdale Focus Blog by Cllr Iain Brodie-Browne.

Last night we stood in silence to remember those who had died in Paris and in memory of two former Councillors David Pearson and Charlie Hopkins at the full Council meeting.

For a long time now the majority group have been unusually silent at such meeting when it comes to proposing motions but the restraint has clearly now been lifted and we had a glimpse of what the new Labour intake think.  Firstly they think Tories and anyone who works with them are beyond the pale and secondly they believe that it the Labour Party can do no wrong. A simple motion proposed by Lib Dems at a previous meeting was re presented with any hint of criticism of Labour purged and a litany of everyone else's evil doing added. So far just what you would expect from Bootle Labour. 

The really interesting debate was on TTIP. I listened with an uneasy feeling that I had been transported back forty years to the time of EU referendum. We had a full blown attack on the principle of Free Trade. The arguments offered were the same as those deployed by Benn, Corbyn et al. at that time. They so hate our economic system that they can see no good in it. Every rumour, every half truth is believed. It does strike me that if they are so hostile to the principle of Free Trade the only logical position they can take is to join the anti side in the upcoming referendum.

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