Tories Will Impose City Region Mayor

A majority Tory government will result in the rapid imposition of Joe Anderson as an elected mayor, with extensive powers for the Liverpool City Region, Southport and the Wirral.

"There is no doubt that talks were far advanced along those lines before parliament finished. Michael Heseltine was progressing plans along these lines. George Osborne was pushing this and Greg Clarke the Minister for Cities was 100% behind it. 
The plan will be revived on day one if there is a Conservative majority government and we will have no say in the matter."
John Pugh has revealed that he successfully lobbied Nick Clegg in the last government to block the plan and shared his concerns with the Labour council leader on the Wirral, Phil Wilson. 
"Frankly it was a near thing and without active intervention it would have been pushed through by the Tories."
"Undoubtedly the areas on the fringes will get the rough end of the deal with such a massive centralisation of power in one person. Already in the recent tribunal case we have got a whiff of the mindset that sets in when one guy gets all the power. 
The real problem is that if the Tories win outright this will be an imposition not a choice for the area.”

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